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Submission Guidelines

Please read

our submission guidelines in full before sending us your work.

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We only accept submissions via our Moksha portal, which is linked to the button below.

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  • Youtube
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IMAGITOPIA is a new fantasy fiction podcast and digital magazine produced by Android Press and featuring narrated fantasy fiction plus other fun stuff like author and editor interviews, news and events, and nerd-outs on fantasy tropes and other related topics. 


We currently accept submissions of previous published fantasy short stories for REPRINT ONLY to be narrated for the podcast. We'll also publish in print here on the webzine. 

Our first submission window opens on September 1, 2023. For more information on when we're open and closed to submissions throughout the year, please see our Schedule.


Submissions are only accepted through IMAGITOPIA's Moksha submission portal. Any submissions received via email or any other method will be deleted without review or response. Email accounts inevitable get tons of spam. So this policy helps make sure we don't lose your submission in the email shuffle. But if for some reason you're unable to submit via our Moksha portal, for example due to accessibility issues, please message us using the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be happy to make alternative arrangements for your submission.


*We're a womxn and trans run publication. We hope authors of all types and stripes will submit work, but we especially encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, womxn, people living with disabilities, those living in the Global South, and authors from other marginalized populations.


flash fiction: up to 1,500 words

short stories: up to 5,000 words


We currently pay 1 cent USD per word for previously published flash fiction and short stories with a $10 USD minimum.


We accept submissions of fantasy and all its subgenres including but not limited to:


  • high fantasy

  • low fantasy

  • mythpunk

  • urban fantasy

  • steampunk/gaslamp

  • magical realism

  • aetherpunk

  • science fantasy

  • solarpunk fantasy

  • dark fantasy

  • horror

  • slipstream

  • fairy tales


We aren't sticklers. But please use something approximating Shunn Modern Manuscript Format. Most importantly:

  • 12 point Times New Roman or Georgia font

  • double spacing

  • one inch margins

  • number pages

  • wordcount in top right corner of page 1


Moksha will capture your name and contact information, so don't worry about that, but also
we're not concerned with blind
submissions so if your name is on your manuscript, that's okay.


Please keep your cover letter simple. The only things you need to include are:

  • the subgenre(s) of fantasy your story falls under

  • a brief synopsis of the story (a paragraph or less. Think logline more than summary)

  • any self-identification you'd like to share (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Global South, disabled, neurodivergent, etc).


We currently accept translations only if they've been previously published

in English. Previously published translations are paid at the same reprint

rate as stories that were originally written and published in English.


Please only submit one previously published story at a time.

If you receive a rejection and the submission window is

still open, then you're welcome to submit another previously

published story.


You're more than welcome to submit your story elsewhere

while it's under consideration with us. Just keep in mind, as

a reprint market we can't publish your story while it's

currently under exclusivity with another publisher. 



If you don't get a response to your submission within 90 days, or if you have questions about the
submission guidelines, then please feel free to inquire by emailing us at


Please view our sample contract for information on the rights we

take for publication. 

*Please note that the above license applies only to our podcast audio

performance of your work. It doesn't apply to your story itself. You

retain the full copyright and all rights to any other use of the story

after our three month exclusivity period.

**Please also note that our exclusivity period does not mean your

story has to be removed from any sites where it has been previously

published. It only means you can't reprint or repod the story

again for three months from the time it's published in IMAGITOPIA.

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