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A Fantasy Fiction Podcast & Digital Zine

Build Worlds, Tell Stories


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We're on a short hiatus

Where did you go?

We're currently taking a break.

Already? After only four episodes?

Yeah. We realized what we're doing here isn't really any different from any other fiction podcast out there, so we've gone back to the drawing board and are redesigning Imagitopia. We'll be back soon, and if we accepted a story you wrote, then don't worry, its still gonna be on the show! 

Episode 004

"The Pool of Rim"
by Aaron Emmel

"The Greenmarket Witch"
by Lorraine Schein

"Small Magics"
by Juliet Kemp

About Imagitopia

Welcome to Imagitopia, a world where imagination knows no bounds. Follow our heroes as they embark on epic quests to subvert tropes and battle magical, otherworldly forces. 


Imagitopia is a weekly fantasy fiction podcast and digital magazine produced by Android Press. We strive to transport our listeners and readers to new worlds and inspire them to create stories of their own. Become an Imaginarian and join us on our journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of fantasy.

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Podcast Producer & Host

Justine is the creator and editor-in-chief of Android Press and Solarpunk Magazine, and is the producer and host of Solarpunk Magazine's podcast, Demand Utopia! Justine is also an associate producer of The 7th Rule, and an author and screenwriter.

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